We have used and manufactured steel parts for over 20 years, and during that time we have found the best ways to flame cut parts. Sure, laser cut parts are the best, but nobody can afford them. We looked at the latest plasma, oxy-fuel and other cutting processes and decided they were either too inaccurate or not cost effective. So we developed our own flame cutting machine! We offer the best possible shaped parts per dollar. Our computer controlled machine torch virtually eliminates variation from part to part. In fact, many shops that have flame cutting capability will buy our components rather than try to compete with our proven quality.        

Let MetKit supply all your parts with one call for one Kit.
Let MetKit collect all the components for your latest project & deliver 
them to your door.
Let MetKit supply your shaped parts without emptying your wallet!


You will never regret buying MetKit parts 
and we encourage you to order your kit today!

Saw Cut Parts.
Saw cut parts are the heart of your kit. MetKit has a saw line that ensures quality. A full length infeed roller table and a large coolant fed bi-metal blade equipped saw, we produce parts that are square cut. And the stop equipped outfeed table insures our parts are repetitive and within tolerance.
Your time is valuable, and having saw cut parts that are right will allow you to assemble the kits in the least amount of time.
Drilled Parts
The secret to accurately drilled holes is the size of the machine. Our 5000 pound fixed radial drill press produces holes at a price you can afford. The vice on the drill press weighs almost 100 pounds itself. And the machine is operated by people that use the parts themselves. This insures you receive parts that are right for your kit! 

Accurately drilled steel!
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