MetKit's capability to make accurate parts led us to develop
these new accessories for the CADDiggers 

To introduce the 602 Hydraulic Stabilizers, MetKit is making a special introductory offer. Order the 602 Hydraulic Stabilizers, 600 Super Boom and 603 Thumb for $950.00, shipping included. 
(Offer good within the continental US, higher shipping elsewhere. )


  • Wider Stance
  • Broad Adjustment Range
  • Excellent Leveling Power
  • Slide In Installation
  • Double Acting Cylinders
  • Allows Conversion to Rigid Mount
  • Precision Cut Burnouts
  • Valve and Hoses Supplied
  • Instructions Included

MetKit has developed an easy to assemble set of hydraulic stabilizers for the 508, and 608 three point hitch CADDiggers. The stabilizers are controlled by their own valve that connects to your existing hydraulics. The stabilizers have over 120 degrees of rotation so they can be located at any position from 65 degrees up to 19 below the pivot.

The Stabilizers are angled 30 degrees out to each side, giving a wider stance than the standard CADDigger stabilizers for more stability. Many customers have used the hydraulic stabilizers to convert the 508 and 608 to rigid frame mount backhoes on their tractors, eliminating the free motion of the three point hitch mount. The Hydraulic Stabilizers are supplied in a ready to weld kit, including precut steel and hydraulics and instructions.

The Hydraulic Stabilizers fit 508 & 608 CADDiggers.

  • Better Digging Angle
  • Better Loading Clearance
  • Self Fixturing Design
  • Drop In Replacement
  • Use The Same Cylinders
  • Precision Cut Burnouts
  • All Steel Supplied
  • Instructions Included

The Super Boom is an angled boom that enhances the digging of the CADDigger. This unique boom allows deeper digging at one spot without having to relocate the CADDigger.

Also since the boom rotates higher, you have greater clearance during truck loading.

The Super Boom is supplied in a ready to weld kit, including precut steel and instructions.

The Super Boom fits 608, 628 and 650 CADDiggers.

  • Two Pin Installation
  • Easy On & Off
  • Simple Fabrication
  • Self Fixturing Design
  • Precision Cut Burnouts
  • All Steel Supplied
  • Instructions Included

The Thumb is our most frequently requested attachment. The Thumb allows you to pick up objects rather than just dig dirt. Rocks, branches and logs are easily maneuvered by the Thumb. The Thumb is pinned in place with 2 pins making removal and installation a snap.

The power of the bucket curl makes the thumb a powerful accessory.

The Thumb fits 508, 608, 628 and 650 CADDiggers.

CADplans Corp has approved Super Boom as an accessory for the CADDigger 500 and 600 Series machines.
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