Introducing The Ripper! You've seen the ripper shank on the back of large track machines before. They have them because the concentrated force on the single shank can tear through buried materials quickly. Now you can have that advantage on your CADDigger.

The MetKit Joystick Adapter converts the FPS MV3 valve to single handle control!

MetKitís capability to make accurate parts led us to develop these new accessories for the CADDiggers.

- Hydraulic Stabilizers
- 600 Super Boom
- Thumb

MetKit has developed an Excavator Style Super Boom for the CADplans CADDigger 800 Series machines including the 808, 809, 810, 821, 831 and 841. This unique boom allows deeper digging at one spot without having to relocate the machine. This new boom also allows you to dig a foot deeper. The new boom incorporates an additional pinning location for the boom cylinder to give full loading height and the greater depth by simply relocating a pin.

800 Series Rounded Bucket! Many customers have asked for a larger volume bucket for use with the 800 Series CADDiggers.

MetKit now offers TWO (2)!

Turn your CADDigger Model 821 (or other CADDigger) into a powerful woodsplitter. The 800S Woodsplitter was developed as the lowest cost way MetKit could offer a woodsplitter kit.

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