Fully assembled sectional body hydraulic directional control valves from Parker FPS with bolt kits and end plates for mobile and industrial hydraulic system, open center hydraulic systems only..  Properly torqued with pressure pre-adjusted  to 2000 psi. Relief valve can be re-adjusted for settings of 700 psi  to 2000 psi. Max flow is 12 gpm and 180 deg F. SAE 6 ports. Each spool includes handle. Can be used with Joy Stick and Power Beyond options purchased separately.

FPS   MV3-2000 2 way, 3-position, 1 Spool, Spring Centered, Fine Metering

ConVal 1


Parker MV3 - 2 way, 3-position, 2 Spool, Spring Centered

 (Picture shows this control valve with optional power beyond)  

ConVal 2

FPS MV3 -2000  2 way, 3-position, 4 Spool, Spring Centered with SAE 6 ports.

Con Val 4

Power Beyond Option
The power beyond option is pre-assembled in a control valve, and cannot be purchased separately. Port Plug included

Ask for this option when you plan to use two attachments on your tractor at the same time, such as a Loader and a Backhoe.

Power Beyond

Converts a 2 section FPS MV3 control valve to a single handle control. Available with straight or bent handle.






Converts a 4 section FPS MV3 control valve to a two handle control.  Available with  bent handles.



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