The Excavator Style Super Boom
for the CADDigger 800 Series Machines! 

MetKit has developed an Excavator Style Super Boom for the CADplans CADDigger 800 Series machines including the 808,809,810,821,831 and 841. This unique boom allows deeper digging at one spot without having to relocate the machine. This new boom also allows you to dig a foot deeper. The new boom incorporates an additional pinning location for the boom cylinder to give full loading height and the greater depth by simply relocating a pin.

The Excavator Style Boom for the 800 Series is supplied in a ready to weld kit with the necessary instructions included.

To introduce the Super Boom, MetKit is making a special introductory offer: Order the Super Boom and also receive a 6 800 Series bucket or CADThumb for only $400.00, shipping included. The Super Boom kit alone is $320.00, plus shipping. Order today and enhance your 800 Series CADDigger!
(Offer good within the continental US, higher shipping elsewhere. )


Includes: Square tube - CNC cut burnouts - Two mechanical tubes -
Two 63/64" x 5" pins and retainers - Complete instructions

  Extra Holes, Extra Versatility:
The extra holes in the Super Boom allow your choice of deeper digging or full loading height. Also an extra hole is added so you can support the boom in the upright position for transport.


  Deeper Digging Without Moving the CADDigger:
The 30 degree angle of the Super Boom causes the end of the boom to be 16" lower, allowing deeper digging without moving the CADDigger.


  Self Fixturing:
The design of the Super Boom makes assembly almost error-proof. Simply align the parts per the included instructions and weld.


CADThumb can pick up most round and irregular shaped objects up to 24" in diameter.


The CADThumb folds out of the way for self-storage when not needed.


The Super Boom raises 15 degrees higher than the standard boom giving greater clearance during truck loading.

(The optional CADThumb shown here is holding a 400 pound, 17' long, 9" diameter pressure treated pole from one end.)

CADplans Corp has approved Super Boom as an accessory for the CADDigger 800 Series machines.
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